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Register Now for a chance to compete in the upcoming Chess Grappling event.

  • Free to enter.

  • $200 cash prize to the winner.

  • Championship Belt.

  • LA/SF Valley.

Name *
We are only looking for LA locals and those willing to travel to LA right now.
The weight you'll be at during competition.
FIDE, USCF, or are acceptable.
Jiu Jitsu Rank *
Please include other Grappling Experience in message if jiu jitsu is not your primary martial arts practice.
including wrestling, judo, sambo, etc.
Grappling Preference
We will most likely host nogi competitions, but this isn't set in stone.
Any additional information you want to provide or questions you have for us.

You will be asked to provide proof of your ratings if you are selected to compete. Good luck!


  • What is Chess Grappling?

    • In short, Chess Grappling is a competition where competitors will go back and forth doing jiu jitsu and playing chess.

  • When will competitors be selected?

    • Registration deadline is November 22nd. Competitors will be selected shortly afterwards.

  • When’s it going down?

    • No set date yet. We are expecting it to take place early 2020.

  • Is this a tournament? Does signing up guarantee I get to compete?

    • No, this is a single match. Finding a good match up requires many people to register so that we find 2 competitors that are roughly at the same level, age and weight. Based on the interest this gathers, and how much fun we have doing this, we’ll have more future events so even if you don’t get selected the first time, there may be future events you can participate in!

  • What level do I need to be at to qualify to compete?

    • We don’t have a set level to compete, it is more important to get a good match up. If we happen to have 2 grand-master black belts registered, that would be great. However, it is very possible that the pilot match will occur with 2 blue belt 1200-rated players. Do not be discouraged to register, you have nothing to lose in signing up.

  • What are the rules?

    • Official rules are being brainstormed to ensure it is a fair match and that the match will not be exploitable via stalling, etc.

  • Is this legit?

    • Absolutely. I’m putting up a cash prize, and spending my own funds for advertising to see if this catches on. This is happening as long as enough people register to have a relatively close match.

  • Are you seeking sponsorship?

    • Yes! If you’d like to support this event, please reach out to me. These matches will be immortalized on YouTube and your patronage will be noted in the video!

  • I’m not in LA but I do both, should I still register?

    • There’s nothing stopping you from registering, however it doesn’t seem feasible to organize an event outside of my current location. Also, if you’re willing and able to travel out to compete, please definitely register!

  • How can I support this thing?

    • You can support us on the socials or by telling your friends. We are accepting donations/sponsorship to help make it happen. Please reach out if interested. Other than that, just subscribe and stay tuned!

  • Where are you going broadcast this?